Try, Try Again with Katherine Velez

Welcome! Try, Try Again with Katherine Velez is a podcast meant, not only to introduce myself to potential clients or new clients, but is also a place you can come to listen to interviews with experts, gain knowledge, get connected with resources or hear something new. It’s been said hundreds of different ways since humankind began, but relationships are hard. Feelings are fluid and life is filled with change and relationships are subject to all of it. This podcast is about relationships, the one you have with yourself and with others.

Through each episode I encourage you to consider where you learned to be in relationship and the skills needed to successfully navigate them.  In a book? On the job training? Most likely, your family of origin. If they were skilled in communication and confrontation and compassion, then you are probably pretty adept at relationship. If they were not, then you may have learned some dysfunctional, maladaptive, and, perhaps, relationship-destructive ways of being in relationship, which you have, knowingly or unknowingly, carried with you.  

Try, Try Again is one of my favorite and most used mantras because I am human and nowhere near perfect. Not being perfect is one of my top self-care goals and will be discussed in future episodes. For now I simply wanted you to know that trying over and over, practicing and forgiving ourselves and others, is how we reach our goals. Someone once told me that in order to be a good juggler you must first learn to forgive yourself for dropping the ball and Try, Try Again.

Please contact me here with any suggested topics or questions regarding resources. Love yourself and know you are loved.

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